Online Prepaid Card Sales Website Design Service


An online prepaid card sales website is not much different from a standard e-commerce site, but it has a unique aspect: the product sold is digital content. Let's explore the strengths and weaknesses of this type of website.

Online Prepaid Card Sales Website Design Service


Selling digital content, which includes intellectual property products like documents, ebooks, songs, digital certificates, games, software, etc., has its advantages. When customers make a purchase, the product content can be sent immediately without any geographical or shipping constraints. The overhead costs for storage and distribution are also lower compared to physical goods, which increases customer trust and their propensity for online transactions. Additionally, customers purchasing these types of products are typically tech-savvy.


Since the products are intellectual and distributable online, they are highly susceptible to theft by hacking into the information systems to steal product data. This represents a significant risk for such goods. Therefore, to ensure an effective sales and payment system, it is crucial to choose more secure solutions.

Essential Functional Components for a Prepaid Card Sales System

  1. Member System

    • This system manages member information such as accounts, names, emails, account balances, transaction history, and functions like password recovery and change. Administrators can also interact with members by locking/unlocking accounts, adding, or deducting money. Registration should require account activation via email.
  2. Prepaid Card Management Module

    • This crucial module allows administrators to manage card information, suppliers, pricing, and bulk card imports. Card information is encrypted in the database and requires a password for decryption, ensuring the safety of the card inventory. The system should also provide statistics on total sales and inventory levels. Managed information includes card type, supplier, serial number, PIN, expiration date, and status.
  3. Transaction Management Module

    • This module helps administrators view the transaction history of the system, summarize the total transaction value of members, and provide detailed information about each transaction.
  4. Reporting and Analytics Module

    • This part helps administrators get an overview of the system to see details like total assets of members, total cards sold, remaining cards, and total transactions by card type.
  5. Integrated Online Payment Functionality

    • When customers need to top up, integration with payment gateways like Ngan Luong, Bao Kim, or Internet Banking can be implemented. Additionally, payment through prepaid cards can also be integrated for customer convenience.
  6. Mobile Top-Up

    • This function will be linked with a service provider to offer this service; when a user tops up their mobile, the system will automatically credit the mobile account and deduct money from the customer's account.
  7. Promotional Notification and Banner Management:

    • This function allows for managing promotional banners and pricing notifications.

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