Should Your Property Sell Airline Tickets Through Its Website?

For any property focused on maximizing revenue, embracing online booking and in-person sales is paramount. However, executives and property managers often overlook important details on their websites—often outside their areas of expertise—that can impact overall performance.

Some businesses have ventured into selling airline tickets along with room reservations. But is this the right approach? Here, we discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of incorporating website airline ticketing into your property, drawing on insights from Nencer Travel, a professional airline ticket sales platform.

Preferred Channels for Booking Flights

Travelers planning their journeys typically favor airline websites or online travel agencies (OTAs) for booking flights. This preference is often due to familiarity and the perception that these channels offer better deals and discounts. Consequently, a hotel's website is rarely the first choice for booking flights.

The Typical Booking Sequence: Transportation Then Accommodation

Most travelers arrange their transportation before considering accommodation. After securing their flight tickets, only then do they focus on where they will stay, making it uncommon for travelers to book flights directly through a hotel’s website.

Economic Considerations: Low Profit Margins

When properties sell flight tickets via their websites, the commission earned is usually modest. Often, these bookings are processed through another agency’s system, which may offer no sales commission at all. The small profits gained from selling flight tickets can inadvertently make your hotel's overall pricing seem less competitive, potentially deterring guests from booking your primary services like rooms and transfers.

Service Quality and Customer Expectations

While your main service is accommodation, selling airline tickets introduces complexities. For instance, a guest dissatisfied with their flight experience might expect your property to address their grievances as if you were a full-service travel agency. Additionally, managing such expectations can complicate your operations and may require specific legal authorizations, like an agency certificate, depending on your jurisdiction.

Conclusion: Assessing the Suitability of Selling Flight Tickets

Before adding airline ticket sales to your website, it is crucial to evaluate whether this service aligns with your business model and enhances your guest experience. Although Nencer Travel provides a sophisticated platform for selling airline tickets, integrating this into a hotel’s service portfolio requires careful consideration of the potential impact on your core business activities.

Ultimately, selling airline tickets through a hotel’s website might not be beneficial for every property. It's essential to analyze the specific needs and expectations of your target audience and assess the potential return on investment from such an initiative. This strategic approach will help ensure that your website enhancements truly contribute to your business growth and customer satisfaction.

If your accommodation service business has suitable customers

  • International visitors
  • Fly away from far away places
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